Galvanised Shelving

Galvanised shelving units have been growing in popularity for years now due to it’s great performance in certain working environments.

The great thing about galvanised shelving is that your units won’t rust, this means you can put them in a freezer full of condensation and years later still have a shelving system that’s in great health! The fact that these galvanised units work so well in cold areas, where condensation is common, makes these units perfect for use in a medicinal or food storage environment that requires chiller or freezer temperatures, with regular access letting warm air in that will condensate.

With a galvanised shelving unit you don’t have to worry about where you’ll be installing it, as long as you stick to the shelf weight capacities you will have a sturdy, strong and reliable shelving system for years to come.

Standard Duty Galvanised Shelving

Standard Duty Galvanised Shelving

  • Easy to assemble – bolt-less design
  • Made from galvanised metal that ensures that the shelving unit won’t corrode or rust
  • Pre-Galvatite components of the unit provide extra protection against corrosion or rust and also feature a hard-wearing finish
  • Galvanised units are available with either chipboard or galvatite shelves
  • Three of the five shelves are held in place with J beams; however, the position of the other two can be adjusted by relocating the shelf clips provided.
  • Sturdy, strong & reliable – perfect for use in a medicinal, food production or cold room/freezer application.

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Heavy Duty Galvanised ShelvingHeavy Duty Galvanised Shelving

  • This heavy duty galvanised shelving unit features the same easy bolt free assembly
  • Pre Galvatite components provide the same corrosion resistance benefits as the standard duty shelving units with an industrial finish
  • Unit features three 18 mm chipboard shelves held on galvatite channel beams and certified by the FSC
  • The shelf load capacity of this heavy duty unit is very high with a capacity of 375 kg per shelf
  • Again this unit won’t corrode or rust due to it’s galvanised layer of zinc making this shelving system great for use in medicinal, food production or cold room/freezer applications.Order Today Amvar