Inclined Shelving

Inclined shelving units are particularly useful for the storage of small tools or stock that is regularly accessed. They are also well suited to warehouse operations as the use of inclined shelving can make product picking easier.

Inclined ShelvingShelving Incline

  • This inclined shelving unit is perfect for use with Euro sized containers
  • Shelves are galvanised to ward off corrosion and rust
  • Each shelf has a 30 degree incline, this gives you and your staff a better view of what’s in the containers and allow you to access them quicker
  • Incline also causes stocked products to move to the front of the container, therefore becoming more accessible
  • Each level has a load capacity of 100 kg evenly distributed load.
  • Also available as a mobile unit with 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel braked castors

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Kanban ShelvingKanban inclined Shelving

This shelving unit has been designed to provide better stock control & management, this is achieved by creating a visible record for pickers to see; in addition this unit will also nullify the problem of dead stock.

  • The mobile version of this Kanban shelving unit features a bespoke trolley that can support a fully loaded shelving unit (up to 180kg)
  • Frames of this unit are blue with orange beams to increase visibility
  • Stock is picked from the front and loaded/racked from the back
  • Angled shelves are made of high quality steel and also have a lip that stops storage bins sliding, without affecting product visibility
  • Grey bins are available to purchase separately

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