Warehouse & Industrial Racking

123 Shelving is part of the main Amvar group, one of the leading UK suppliers of industrial racking systems. As well as pallet racking systems we also stock and sell bar, cantilever and sheet racking systems. If you’re looking for high quality adjustable racking for your storage depot, factory or warehouse then 123 Shelving can meet your needs.

Pallet RackingPallet Racking

Amvar is well known for the fantastic pallet racking systems that they stock and sell. These adjustable racking systems are perfect for any warehouse or industrial setting and facilitate the storage of palletised goods/stock.

  • All Pallet Racking bays sold are supplied with compatible and high quality floor fixings
  • Quick and easy installations means you can have your warehouse up and running in no time at all
  • Bays can be easily specified in terms of height and depth needs
  • Maximum beam pitch – 1725mm
  • Beam loads are up to a massive 2000kg per pair of beams UDL
  • Locking pins fitted to beams prevent any possible displacement caused by forklifts or reach trucks
  • Palletised loads are assumed to weigh no more than 1000 kg
  • Beams are yellow to ensure high visibility in contrast to the graphite grey upright supports. Bolts hold the entire structure together and floor fixings keep it in place.

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Heavy Duty Bar RackingHeavy Duty Bar Racking

These heavy duty bar racking units have a load capacity of 1000 kg per arm and between each arm feature 250 mm of clearance. You can also fix your bar racking units to the floor to ensure stability. Particularly heavy materials should be loaded closer to the base of the racking.





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Cantilever RackingCantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is highly useful for the accessible storage of your stock. These particular cantilever racking units are ideal for the storage of pipes, tubes, bars and planks. This cantilever racking system is available in double or single sided ┬ámodels and each arm is fitted with a ‘stop’ on the end to ensure that your products can’t simply slip from the racking arm. Each arm has a load capacity of 200 kg.




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Sheet RackingSheet Racking


Our sheet racking systems are perfect for safely storing sheets of wood or other materials. Our system features intermediate floor bracing for supporting the sheet materials. Strong and sturdy welded construction with a distance between uprights of 160 mm.




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In addition to all of the above racking products we also sell other types of racking solutions including more sheet racking options and much more. Visit Amvar Industrial Supplies today for more information.